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Meet Dr. Deja Ledbetter

Chiropractor Ankeny, Dr. Deja Ledbetter“I became a chiropractor first and foremost to help people of all ages, while educating them on the unlimited potential of healing that one can have with a properly functioning nervous system. This passion first started when I was sitting in a new patient appointment with my mother. I was unaware of what chiropractic was or the possibilities of care when applied specifically.”

Learning About Brain-Body Communication

The doctor started explaining at her mother’s new patient appointment, the role of the central nervous system —that it is where communication happens from the brain to all the systems of the body. The doctor went on to explain how chiropractors ensure that no interference is in the way for this task to be carried out. “I quickly realized that this was the missing link in one’s overall health and that if everyone’s nervous system in the world was free of interference, sickness and disease would start to decrease.”

Pursuing a Chiropractic Education

At first she enrolled at Mary Baldwin College with her sights on going to med school. After a while, Dr. Deja realized that the conventional medical approach didn’t align with her views on what healthcare was to her. So she moved back to North Carolina from Virginia. It wasn’t until her experience with her mother at a new patient chiropractic appointment, that Dr. Deja decided that she wanted to be a Chiropractor. 3 months later she moved to Iowa from North Carolina to pursue her Doctor of Chiropractic at Palmer College in Davenport. “The biggest highlight of my educational experience was walking the same halls that many great chiropractors once walked and experiencing the history of the chiropractic profession.” During her time at Palmer College, she was involved in the Gonstead Club on campus and had attended multiple Gonstead and GMI Seminars. Dr. Deja also interned at LaBounty Family Chiropractic before becoming a doctor on staff.

Helping Others Experience Better Health

Dr. Deja was fascinated by the fact that every day as a chiropractor, she gets to work alongside people and help them become better physically, emotionally and spiritually. “I experienced this firsthand with my mother, and I wanted to be the same beacon of hope for others.” The greatest success for her as a chiropractor is how a patient changes from one appointment to the next. “As care progresses, they start to stand taller and sit more upright and confidence starts to become greater. Patients also experience the restoration of hope that they can be well once again. But the best part, is every time I open up the door I see a smile that gets bigger with each visit. “It brings tears to my eyes thinking about the hope, joy, and peace that patients experience here.”


Enjoying an Active Family Life in Ankeny

She is blessed to be the mother of two handsome boys Israel David and Daniel Joseph. Dr. Deja encourages parents to get their children checked because she has first-hand experience of the effectiveness of specific chiropractic care. When she’s not at the practice, she likes to spend time with her family. She also enjoys playing rugby, going to the gym, writing songs, singing on the worship team at church, and finding new things to do in the Des Moines area. If you’re ready to get on the path toward greater health, book an appointment with Dr. Deja today!

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