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Extremity Adjusting in Ankeny

Extremity Adjusting at LaBounty Family ChiropracticDr. Mike was asked to teach on the jaw at an extremity seminar in 2010. Since the, he has been helping to teach extremities to chiropractic students and doctors. Dr. Mike has focused on extremities since starting LaBounty Family Chiropractic, but it wasn’t until 2010 that he began to see how important extremities were. He found headaches to go away with precise jaw adjustments. Then he began to work on other extremities and now is finding how important the exact foot adjustments are for health of someone’s low back!

He believes more than ever of the importance of the extremities: especially the knees, feet, and ankles which help hold all lower back and pelvic adjustments in place. When you can get the spine to “hold their adjustments” better, you do not need to see the chiropractor as often!

Watching the Walk

Since beginning to regularly watch patients walk in his office, Dr. Mike has seen tremendous improvements in patients recovering with low back issues including low back pain, bladder weakness, hormone health, increased walking and running speed, increased motion of hips, and more.

Now all of the doctors in the office regularly watch patients walk. We can see a difference from when they come in to when they leave each appointment. And with improved walking, comes better balance, improved shoulder posture and head position, improved energy, and improved MOOD! It’s truly amazing and fun to watch on children to elderly.

In our office we also work a lot on shoulders, elbows, hands, and fingers. With extremities, we often give simple exercises to help assist in the healing, but often, not much exercise is needed.

Sports Injuries

We work on chronic, or long standing problems, as well as sports injuries (even if they just happened!). We are trained on how to take care of both situations and how to address each patient’s extremities. The focus always begins with making sure the spine is healthy and not causing the extremity problem. Then it goes directly to addressing the extremity problem.

Often, it only takes a few visits to get your extremities working better AND feeling better. It’s a gift our office has for you – please tell us any extremity problems you may have. We are here to help you! Refer those in that have them as well; from a teenager spraining an elbow or ankle, to an older adult with a frozen shoulder. We can help all extremity problems.

Preventing Surgery

Finally, we have seen so many surgeries prevented with our extremity work. It is gentle, specific, and we feel “an exceptional bonus care” we give people above and beyond the spine. The spine and the nervous system is a focus in our practice, but we love to check extremities as well. Just think, maybe you have no elbow pain but just one adjustment could help you write or type or throw easier as we access the joint to help it reach it’s FULLEST POTENTIAL and FULLEST Range of Motion. Let us know if you want to check any of these joints:

  • Jaw,
  • Nose
  • Shoulders
  • Shoulder blades
  • Collar bone
  • Hips
  • Knees, Ankles, Feet

We also do extremities on children as they fall so often. We are gentle and specific with them also!

If necessary, we take X-rays or refer out to a X-Ray clinic or your MD for any questions that may arise. Contact us today to find out more!

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