Nutritional Supplements in Ankeny

Nutritional Supplements in Ankeny IA

At Ankeny LaBounty Family Chiropractic, we offer high-quality and nutrient-dense supplements designed to partner alongside your chiropractic care in healing. We sell Standard Process, MediHerb, Premier Research Labs (PRL) Carlson, FloraLife, Natural Calm, and other top-of-the-line nutritional supplements. These are excellent product lines that have been around for decades! We focus on helping meet the nutritional needs of both children and adults. We even carry several vitamins for the expectant mothers, nursing mothers, infants, and toddlers.

About Standard Process

Standard Process (our main line) has been around for more than 85 years. Standard Process makes nutritional supplements with whole food ingredients. The goal of the company which is aligned with their founder, Dr. Royal Lee, is to provide nutrients as they are found in nature. Their formulas provide safe, high-quality nutritional support with unique combinations of synergistic ingredients.

Choosing What is Right For You
We tailor our recommendations of specific supplements with specific health needs. We also help patients that want a very simple plan of vitamins. We are always looking for the best nutritionally for our patients and continue to add things that will help our patients feel and function their best! Most vitamins purchased in a store are artificial with added fillers. We want to make sure you are getting pure, healthy vitamins that your body will crave taking and whose benefits you can see!


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